Tuesday, 31 January 2012


On Saturday me and the hubby fly out for our first holiday in four years! Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining - we have a roof over our heads and food on the table and I am grateful for that every day!But I am thoroughly looking forwards to a break.Also we are going with friends, so it should be quite fun.  After spending goodness knows how many hours worrying about everything from whether the kids are going to be ok (They are - their Nanny is coming up for the week and they are going to be spoilt rotten I can guarantee it) to whether someone is going to come back with a broken bone (actually quite likely - we're going on a ski/snowboarding holiday) I think I have everything covered.
We're going to Borovets in Bulgaria, and they have had quite a lot of snow recently...
This is what you want when you're going ski-ing....
Image courtesy of www.bulgariaski.com
This is NOT what you want when you're going ski-ing....
Image courtesy of sofiaecho.com
Hmmm...cars stuck under snow... oh dear ... The country has been in what their papers are calling a "snow crisis". Not so good!?!However the airport seems to be running as per usual and all seems like it should be ok!


  1. Squeeeeee indeed! Have a FABULOUS time.

  2. have a fab break - holibob that is, not bones!

  3. I've been to Bulgaria at Christmas and it was amazing! The place was called Bansko, I wonder if it was close to Borovets? Anyway, I hope you have safe journey !:)


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