Friday, 21 October 2011

Stitched Map of Middle Earth

I am going to stitch a map of Middle Earth. But first I needed to get the image across to my fabric, and I can announce that Middle Earth is (finally) on linen! Given the amount of time it has taken me and my better half to get this far I dread to think of the total man-hours that this project is going to require. However it is looking really good, if not somewhat big.
To put this into perspective, I had to stand on a chair to get this photo, and the linen and paper map cover my dining room table completely!
I am going to completely embroider Middle Earth before deciding on a border style although I am debating whether or not to make the border circular and repeat the elvish inscription from the One Ring as a border. However I think I may be biting off more than I can chew:
Inscription from The One Ring

I am going to leave any final decisions until I can see how everything looks stitched.  Which will probably be quite a while as
the detail involved in this map is ambitious to say the least.It does look rather impressive close up though:
I am currently trying to figure out how to start the gargantuan task of stitching this wonderful map.  Due to it being such a large scale project, I am trying to decide whether to stitch it section by section or whether to stitch say all of the lettering, or mountains or lines in order.  Most probably I will sit down and decide what I want to stitch as I go, as I'm not normally the most organised person....

Middle Earth

If you look closely and compare 'my' map to the original, then you can see where some parts have been somewhat squashed into place. It has been quite difficult to keep lining everything up and keep everything in place.  If this had been a smaller image, I could have found a way to keep everything in place, or at least lined up with the image below.  Luckily though I don't think I know anyone that knows the map of Middle Earth off by heart, so it should be alright. So, just to start stitching......


  1. Did you hear the snort?!?! I love you dearly but you've never been accused of being organised. ;-)
    That said sometimes just stitching whichever bit takes your fancy can be awfully good fun, so I'd run with that plan.

    This looks amazing and it shouldn't be too difficult to put the ring quote around the outside in a circle. I'm sure we could make it work. Thankfully you've plenty to keep you occupied on that before a decision needs to be made.

    Well done you.

  2. Thank you. I am looking forward to this and am quite proud of it so far xx

  3. Good luck with this project. I love the idea of embroidering Middle Earth but I would not know where to start.

    I can't wait to see the finished project but if you are anything like me this could take a while - and then a bit longer.


  4. Thank you. I think I need luck with it!
    This will take a while to do I'm afraid but I will be posting updates every now and then : )

  5. Hello!

    Just checking in to wish you good luck, and also because I found this website the other day (, and have decided it is my new purpose in life to embroider this map. :)

    I haven't started yet, and probably won't be starting for a while, but I forward to keeping up with how yours is going (and hopefully exploiting some of the tricks you learn along the way...).

    (Also, I'm kind of reassured to know that I am not the only person on the internet who has thought of this...)

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