Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pixelated MsStitcher

One of the Birthday challenges over at Sprite Stitch recently was to make a pixel version of yourself.  All of the entries were really good, and a few have now been used as their avatar.  Including my own!
Pixel Me
I am genuinely debating stitching this, because it is a bit fitting. With it being for Sprite Stitch, I have put something about everything game related that I have made since being a member.   I may have gone slightly OTT... But it is nice to see a pixel version of myself.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Tree Cross Stitch

One of my new year resolutions has to be to keep this blog up to date a little better.  A lot of what I have to show you is are Christmas presents.  But I have been playing with my pattern maker and I thought I would make a little Christmas Tree cross stitch pattern, in case anyone has time for a little cross stitch before the big day.  Now I have started making a few patterns, all I ask is that if you do use them, you share the finished item so I can see, and that if you post it online you credit the pattern back here.  

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Treble Clef Cross Stitch Pattern

My MiniSwap partner has received her parcel recently so I can show you the little package I sent off to Belgium.  I was quite excited to be sending something I made off into the world, and I was very relieved when it got there.  I made her a mobile case with a treble clef on, a Maplestory meso pouch (with some chocolate coins in) and a Fable bookmark:

The other side of the Fable bookmark is this little sword.  

I am slowly getting used to the KG software for making patterns and was quite proud of the way this sword turned out.  I am going to have to go and search through my camera to find the photo of it, but this pattern was the first one I have made and stitched where I have had to tweak the actual pattern a bit.  Then with the normal list of favorite games and information that I got about my swappee, it was mentioned that she loves music, and her icon on the forums is music related, so before I decided to do the mobile case I did a quick search for a free treble clef cross stitch pattern.  I couldn't find one anywhere, so although I didn't use it I thought I would share this little pattern that I made in preparation.  After Christmas I am going to have to make myself a bookmark with this on.

Unfortunately I can't show you anything else that I am working on until after Christmas.