Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Treble Clef Cross Stitch Pattern

My MiniSwap partner has received her parcel recently so I can show you the little package I sent off to Belgium.  I was quite excited to be sending something I made off into the world, and I was very relieved when it got there.  I made her a mobile case with a treble clef on, a Maplestory meso pouch (with some chocolate coins in) and a Fable bookmark:

The other side of the Fable bookmark is this little sword.  

I am slowly getting used to the KG software for making patterns and was quite proud of the way this sword turned out.  I am going to have to go and search through my camera to find the photo of it, but this pattern was the first one I have made and stitched where I have had to tweak the actual pattern a bit.  Then with the normal list of favorite games and information that I got about my swappee, it was mentioned that she loves music, and her icon on the forums is music related, so before I decided to do the mobile case I did a quick search for a free treble clef cross stitch pattern.  I couldn't find one anywhere, so although I didn't use it I thought I would share this little pattern that I made in preparation.  After Christmas I am going to have to make myself a bookmark with this on.

Unfortunately I can't show you anything else that I am working on until after Christmas.

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