Saturday, 24 November 2012


My darling daughter absolutely loves anything equestrian related and so we have a nice little collection of pony crafts.  It started when we put up her first poster:
First Poster
On request we drew and coloured a picture for her bedroom door together.  This is "Lil Dan", her favourite pony.(Yes I said it my daughter has a favourite pony)

The second painting-by-numbers I did was also for her room. I know that painting-by-numbers is cheating, but I thoroughly enjoyed painting this. I love painting but can't draw and don't mind cheating:
Then the little minx found up a pen drawing I did a couple of years ago as part of a mixed media art course and pinched some blu-tak when I wasn't looking. The next thing I knew this was on her wardrobe.  I don't even know where she found it, but I am presuming that she found it when we unpacked and hid it until she found the courage to put it up.

Since she is so fond of it I decided to turn a blind eye and she thinks that I haven't noticed yet.  Bless.
I want to share a photo of her My Little Ponies with you.  When she was younger some friends of ours found up the collection of My Little Ponies that they owned when they were younger, including a stable that their father had made.  They didn't even mind when we painted this lovely stable bright pink and purple!
As luck would have it, one of the blogs I follow posted some My Little Pony patterns, (Dork Stitch: Old School My Little Pony Sprite Patterns ) so I think I am now going to stitch these on to something for my daughter's stocking, what with that C word just around the corner.  


  1. Who cares if it's cheating! ^^ I've never seen a paint by number look that nice before, it's quite spiffy. Also, thanks for the link! I was really into them when I was little, so I know where she's coming from. Hers are in waaay better shape than mine were, though!

    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed painting that, my daughter was very impressed bless her. Your very welcome for the link, Thank you for the patterns!

  2. Paintings, posters, drawings, toys - all fine, just so long as she knows she won't get the real thing!

    1. We have come to an agreement that if she has enough money of her own when she is 20 she can buy one herself. I don't think she realizes that she then wouldn't need our permission but it keeps her happy.


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