Friday, 16 November 2012

Spotty tops for Children in Need

I received a text message from my daughter's school last night! I just wanted to put that sentence out there because I thought that was really odd, anyway the text was reminding me that today is Children in Need and could children bring in a donation and wear something spotty.  We had the donations set aside and I knew that it was to wear something spotty, but for whatever reason it didn't click in my head that they didn't have any spotty clothes. So cue me last night sewing felt spots onto tops for the kids.  I think they turned out quite sweet, although my hubby thinks they look more "Gruffalo pox" spots rather than "Pudsey" spots.

The kids were thrilled with them and they both went off to school/nursery as happy as clams. The teachers and pupils at both school and nursery had all made a brilliant effort and as soon as my daughter got to the playground, despite being November and cold, she had her coat off so she could compare spots with friends.  
There is plenty of Children in Need stuff out there so I'm not going to go on but it is particularly close to my hear so just in case you want it here is the link to donate.


  1. Yeah...texts messages from school will freak you out! But you saved the day! Yay for skilz!


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