Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Map of Middle Earth:Mordor

Among trying to get Christmas craft stuff done in time, (pictures and posts to come) I have managed to get quite a bit of my Middle Earth map stitched. 
I haven't really used a hoop before, but with fabric this big I have found that actually it is the only way to be able to control my map.

 I find myself stitching this of an evening most nights, and must say that although there is a lot of it to do I am really enjoying it.  Because there is so much detail and different fonts and sizes of lettering, it doesn't get repetitive and so far this is how much I have got done.

 I am really really happy with Mordor. It looks quite impressive and I actually think you get the feeling of how Mordor is.
 I have tried a few different styles of stitching for the mountains (there are quite a lot of them) so thought I would dare a close up of some of them ....

All three of these have ended up looking completely different to each other, which has given different mountain ranges their own feel and personality which is a happy coincidence.
I don't think that I will be able to get much done this side of Christmas now but I will keep you updated and I will  should have some photos of Christmassy stuff coming up.
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Giveaway Winner

Today I chose a winner for my simple bag giveaway and (using drew entry number 1 which is KerryP77 so if you could email me at with your address I will get that in the post for you.
 Congratulations to Kerry and Thank You very much to everyone that entered my first giveaway.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Easy Knitted Bag Pattern and Giveaway

Giveaway Bag
I love handbags! I have probably mentioned this a hundred times once or twice....So I decided I would knit one to make for one of you lovely readers. And being quite a stubborn old thing I decided to just kinda make one and see what happens rather than go by a pattern, so I've added my instructions as well. 
This is quite a little bag measuring 8" by 7" so I think it would be a perfect Christmas gift for any little Princesses out there :)
This is my first pattern so  I hope it is clear and helpful.  It is definitely nice and simple. (Some may say , just like me)

Using 6mm needle and 100g Chunky Wool 
Cast on 30 stitches
Knit 5 rows
Work in stocking stitch until piece measures 12"
Knit 5 rows and then Cast Off
Handles (make 2)
Cast on 5 stitches
Knit until piece measures 10"
Pocket (Optional)
Cast on 10 stitches
Work in Stocking Stitch until piece measures 2" 
Knit 4 rows 
Cast off

Sew the pocket as desired (I have mine on the inside, but it would also look good on the outside)
Fold the main bag piece in half and then sew up the sides.
Sew both of the handles in place

All the Pieces

"Bag" before it is sewn up

Pocket on the inside

Giveaway Bag

 This is my first Giveaway so I am quite excited.
How to enter
There are three chances to win so good luck  : )
  1. Follow me, either by email or Google Reader and leave me a comment to tell me you have done so
  2. Leave a comment on this post saying whether you would keep this bag or gift it at Christmas
  3. Link back to me on your blog and leave me a comment to let me know you have done so
This is open until midnight GMT  Tuesday 29th November when a winner will be chosen at random.
This is open to everybody and Good Luck!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Guest Post

I am very excited to say that I have done a couple of firsts today.
I have done my first guest post that includes my first tutorial! 
Head over to tinyangrycrafter's blog to have a look.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

15 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner I thought that I would start a list of ideas that us crafters can make as Christmas gifts.  Because I know that sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration.

  1. Bags  Every girl loves a bag! From a simple tote bag  that a beginner can make, to lovely complicated bags. This would be a gift anyone would love to recieve!
  2. Calendars These are a great make for a family with kids.  We did them last year for the "Nanny's". I simply got the kids to do drawings, paintings and pictures and then attached them with a few photos to card with the calendar dates at the bottom and attached a ring binder at the top.  Alternatively you can buy sets to make these. 
  3. Soft Toys These don't have to be just for the kids either. I'm in the middle of making my hubby a dragon! Again these can be dependent on your skill level, from a nice simple felt toy through to beanie toys.
  4. Bookmarks  I know a lot of bookworms, so these always come in handy.  I cross stitch mine, but you could make them from the craft that you are most talented at.
  5. Jewelry  If you can make jewelry I can almost guarantee that people will be happy to receive a trinket or two for Christmas! I love wearing my home-made earrings and getting asked "Where did you get those from?" 
  6.  Gadget covers  These could be knitted or sewn.  But you could easily make these for most gadgets out there, from iPhones to Kindles
  7. Baked goods Who doesn't love something yummy that someone has taken the time to make?! Want to make them look more festive? Put them in a jar and make your own labels, or add ribbons to make it look more "you".
  8. Homemade Ornaments These are really nice to give, as they can become a family heirloom.
  9. Fleece Blankets   I love the fleece blanket I made for my daughter and they are ridiculously easy! You don't even have to do any sewing if you don't want to. Or you could add something personalized, either with unique fabric  or embroidery or felt cut outs.
  10.  Cross Stitch or Embroidery  If you can stitch/embroider, make something for someone that they will like and frame it.  This is personal and generally people appreciate the time gone into these.
  11. Personalised Cushion Hangers  You've probably seen these in the shops, the cute little cushions with a saying stitched on and a little bit of cord to hand them up with.  These are super duper easy to make, and even if you just put someone's name on it, it's better than "bog standard" from the shop.
  12. Cake Jar If you are good at cooking and know someone who's not, or if you know someone who has always said how much they like for example your cookies,  make them up a jar with all the dry ingredients then make a nice label with instructions and ingredients they need to add. This could be for any cake or biscuit or goodie.
  13. Jar of Sweets You can pick up glass paints relatively easy these days, so get a few little jars and decorate them, add your friends favorite sweets and add a nice label and ribbon.
  14. Sewing Kits Make up a little needle book and pin cushion and add a few bits to make a sewing kit for your crafty friends.  
  15. A Mini Scrapbook Make these with photos of the last year, photos of something they have a particular interest in, or something that you have in common.  
I'm sure there are hundreds of ideas that I am completely missing and I would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas.  But hopefully this will have got the creative thoughts going if nothing else.  Because every time at this year I sit and think surely I should be able to make something as a gift....but what????

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Young at Heart Challenge

I am entering this cross stitch into the Crafty Boots Challenge for the 'Young at Heart' challenge.  
Sibling Love
However I must admit that I haven't stitched it myself.  I am entering it on behalf of my wonderful Mum, who has been quite ill recently.  It was her that taught me how to cross stitch when I was little. (And having a little one myself I now know how frustrating that must have been.) She is a very talented woman, with a whole room dedicated to crafty stuff, so I have her very much to thank for my love of all things crafty!
I love this cross-stitch as I spent alot of time in Cornwall growing up, so it really could be me and my brother.