Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Knitted Barbie Outfits

First of all I would like to apologise for my disappearance from blog land for pretty much the whole of April! Between impromptu trips to Suffolk to see family and my latest assignment (not to mention a certain little boy's third birthday) it's all been a bit hectic here!
However I do have some lovely photos for you.  Whiles't on our impromptu trip, my mother in law gave my daughter enough outfits for her Barbie to fill a wardrobe. These have all been knitted following patterns found on Ravelry and using bits and pieces of yarn that she had in her stash.
Purple top and skirt
A girls gotta have undies!
Handy Handbag
If that wasn't enough, this next outfit needs several photos because so much work has gone into it.  Barbie has a beautiful wedding dress with added lace, ribbon and veil!!
Since the mini fashion show that produced these photos, Nanny Buff (as she has been named by my three year old)has actually knitted even more! So there will be more photos to come!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Storage Solutions

At Christmas I was a very spoilt wife. Amongst other things I got a gorgeous box full of lovely smelly Lush bath things. Now these are a real treat for me and I have eaked them out and used them sparingly when I've needed a treat but last week I used my last Bubble Bar. Which was sad but it does mean I now have this empty tin.
Which is going to find a new home with the rest of my "Craft Stuff"! I love putting things like this to use again. I keep all my cross stitch threads in an Irregular Choice shoe box and have bits and bobs in the Radley drawstring bag that the actual bag came in. (That wasn't this Christmas but my hubby does spoil me bless him!!)What do you guys keep your craft stuff in? Or is everyone out there slightly less mishmash than me? 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Little Cross Stitch Pacman

This is just a quick post that does what is says on the tin. Here is a little cross stitch pacman that I made for my brother's birthday
I got him this pacman alarm clock for his birthday:

 Which he thought was hilarious, he probably finds it less so now that he has to wake up to "WackaWackaWackaWacka" each morning.But I thought that I would make him a little something to go with it and he has been reading a lot more recently so I thought I would make a little book mark for him. 

I got the pattern for the Pacman and ghost from Sprite Stitch and I think it's quite cute!