Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Storage Solutions

At Christmas I was a very spoilt wife. Amongst other things I got a gorgeous box full of lovely smelly Lush bath things. Now these are a real treat for me and I have eaked them out and used them sparingly when I've needed a treat but last week I used my last Bubble Bar. Which was sad but it does mean I now have this empty tin.
Which is going to find a new home with the rest of my "Craft Stuff"! I love putting things like this to use again. I keep all my cross stitch threads in an Irregular Choice shoe box and have bits and bobs in the Radley drawstring bag that the actual bag came in. (That wasn't this Christmas but my hubby does spoil me bless him!!)What do you guys keep your craft stuff in? Or is everyone out there slightly less mishmash than me? 


  1. I love quirky tins and boxes to keep stash in. your is a very pretty one. x

  2. Boxes, drawers, tins, open shelves, boxes designed for scrap booking, boxes designed for business cards, all sorts of pretty things

  3. Glad I'm not the only one!!!


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