Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Map of Middle Earth:Mordor

Among trying to get Christmas craft stuff done in time, (pictures and posts to come) I have managed to get quite a bit of my Middle Earth map stitched. 
I haven't really used a hoop before, but with fabric this big I have found that actually it is the only way to be able to control my map.

 I find myself stitching this of an evening most nights, and must say that although there is a lot of it to do I am really enjoying it.  Because there is so much detail and different fonts and sizes of lettering, it doesn't get repetitive and so far this is how much I have got done.

 I am really really happy with Mordor. It looks quite impressive and I actually think you get the feeling of how Mordor is.
 I have tried a few different styles of stitching for the mountains (there are quite a lot of them) so thought I would dare a close up of some of them ....

All three of these have ended up looking completely different to each other, which has given different mountain ranges their own feel and personality which is a happy coincidence.
I don't think that I will be able to get much done this side of Christmas now but I will keep you updated and I will  should have some photos of Christmassy stuff coming up.
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  1. One does not simply stitch Mordor! Hehehe XD
    It's looking great! I love the differing ways you did the mountains!

  2. wow that is amazing, my hubby is a big LOTR fan an is rather impressed, look forward to more pics as you progress

  3. Carla - excellent comment! Wish I had of thought of that, should have started stitching at The Shire really : )
    Kerry - it was actually my hubby that talked me into doing it

  4. It's looking really good. I feel the Pratchett maps looming on the horizon! LOL!

  5. Damn you Evie. Let me get this one done first!lol

  6. Do you by any chance have a pattern of this? I'm trying so hard to fine one! Thank you!


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