Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cross Stitched T-Shirts

Before Christmas, I was trying to think of gifts that I hadn't made before, or a new take on some of the crafts that I did.  It was while I was pondering this that I found a fantastic tutorial over at  Wee Little Stitches called "How To Cross Stitch Anything".  It is a really good step by step guide to how to use waste fabric and it is something that I haven't attempted before.  So I set about making  cross stitch patterns to suit my brother and brother in law.  I should point out here that I am still relatively new to making patterns, but that I thoroughly enjoyed having these items come together from an idea to a finished item.
For my Dr Who obsessed brother in law I made this.
Dr Who Fezz and Bowtie
This was the Dr Who image I made, then added the phrase "Fezzes are Cool"  
Fezzes Are Cool
I think he was quite happy with it!

Then for my brother who adores Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory I came up with a Bazinga pattern.
Bazinga T Shirt
I'm really happy with how these both turned out. It was a lot easier that I thought it would be to stitch onto the tops and waste fabric is now my new best friend.