Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Little Cross Stitch Pacman

This is just a quick post that does what is says on the tin. Here is a little cross stitch pacman that I made for my brother's birthday
I got him this pacman alarm clock for his birthday:

 Which he thought was hilarious, he probably finds it less so now that he has to wake up to "WackaWackaWackaWacka" each morning.But I thought that I would make him a little something to go with it and he has been reading a lot more recently so I thought I would make a little book mark for him. 

I got the pattern for the Pacman and ghost from Sprite Stitch and I think it's quite cute! 


  1. Oh that's so cute!! I stitched up a little Mario mushroom the other day, but it's just a wee little stand-alone thing.

  2. Love it! I haven't done cross stitch ages, (other than a Christmassy one that I do a tiny bit of each year!)

  3. I love cross stitch - and he thinks this is really cute which is good. : )

  4. Adorable...and perfect for Matthew!


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