Thursday, 29 March 2012

Handmade iPad Case

My Uncle turned 40 this month, I'm sure he won't mind me sharing that with you...hmm..anyway..I knew that my Aunt was trying to raise funds from friends and family to get him an iPad so I thought I would make him a case for it. Now this is trickier than it originally sounds because my Aunt is actually a very accomplished seamstress. So my Uncle is going to be used to sewn products actually looking quite good and without the dodgy stitching that normally accompanies my attempts. So I thought for once I would actually follow a tutorial properly instead of trying to do my own thing and I am really proud of the results:
 Unfortunately I haven't got an iPad to model this case, so the photos of it are of it empty. However I have been assured that this is the right size and fits well!
 The lining is red felt and the stitching has come out really neatly.  I have slowed down with the machine and it is turning out a lot more even and straight.
I did originally have a different button and ribbon but unfortunately the dog got hold of them and they are no more.  Luckily I had these in my stash that really suited the fabric.
Also my Uncle is (possibly)and even bigger Terry Pratchett fan than I am and after racking my brains I finally managed to find the perfect quote for the case...
The tutorial that I followed was one that I found at The Cottage Home.  It is a really easy tutorial to follow and has a photo for each stage. Also she has managed to get the tone of the tutorial just right - it gives all the information you need for each step without sounding patronizing.  Also the tutorial works for laptops and tablets as it gives you directions to figure out the dimensions that you need for your case to fit your item.
So Thank You Cottage Mama!


  1. It looks great, and I love the quote. I haven't read any TP for years!

  2. It looks awesome! I'm sure he adores it. =D

  3. As the above mentioned Aunt I can confirm that said Uncle absolutely adores this iPad cover and thought the quote was hilarious. In a good way! Well done on such great needlework. It's beautifully made, fits perfectly and is very appreciated.


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