Thursday, 8 March 2012

Assignments and Threads

I have been quietly beavering away at the moment. I have my first TMA (tutor marked assessment) due in next week which although I have prepared for is not even near written yet. And although I freak out about these every time I actually quite enjoy writing them. I know I'm weird but I have always enjoyed essay writing. I just don't like the fact that someone is going to read and mark them. Unfortunately I don't think they can just take my word for it that I have written an essay that explains all the elements of the argument succinctly and I can't see them taking to that one.
However I have still managed to find time to do a bit of cross stitch on my Charity Quilt Block where I have very frustratingly just ran out of the top background colour and NOWHERE in town sells DMC threads!  Oh well - looks like a trip to Hobbycraft is in order...what a shame.
However whiles't searching for my threads I happened across the DMC website where you can sign up to the DMC club...where you can get free charts and tips!!Wahoo. So amongst other things I now have ANOTHER outlet for procrastination!!!


  1. Good luck with your assessment!! I'm sure you'll do well =) Thanks for the tip about the DMC club, it sounds awesome!!

  2. Sigh....a trip to Hobbycraft!!! Oh the tragedy! ;-)


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