Thursday, 26 January 2012

On The Go...

My lovely Aunt managed to get me two gorgeous dragon cross stitch kits last week (photos to come I promise!) from her knitting group.  I love my dragons so I was thrilled. And I realised as I started one that I actually haven't done a kit in quite a while. I have tended to do smaller cross stitch projects for a specific purpose, with patterns from books. I forgot quite how nice it is to actually start a project with the aida to the right size and all the threads sorted out for you!
Obviously when my threads arrive for the Murloc square that is going to be my priority, but if I have dragon started then I can always pick it up and do half an hour or so...
Well that is the approach I take to quite a few projects...
And I started thinking of all my half finished projects on the go...
On the Go:
  • Middle Earth Map (this is one that is going to take a while however I do it)
  • North Country Quilt...still not done....oops
  • Knitted jumper to be unpicked and fixed if possible
  • New Dragon cross stitch 
  • Popcorn kit that hasn't been touched since we moved because there wasn't enough thread in a particular colour and I haven't got round to getting it yet
  • Footprints cross stitch - which needs alot of unpicking 
  • TO BE STARTED Murloc square which needs to have 6"x6" cross stitched by August at latest
  • ALSO am committed to knitting the hubby a cowl and hat for our holiday which starts 4th feb....
Oh dear! This list is actually not as long as it could be...but longer than it should be.
 So I think this year is the year to finish projects, and do all that pesky unpicking that needs doing.  I don't really do new years resolutions because if you don't keep them it's far too depressing. My new years resolution for 2011 was not to enter a hospital for the year - that didn't go so well.(I spent 3 months in and out of hospital last year before a doctor finally realised my appendix was in the wrong place!!!!) So this isn't so much as a resolution as a goal.
This year I want to achieve:
  • Finish North Country Quilt 
  • Do the Murloc square for the charity quilt(very proud of this one)
  • Finish the pesky Popcorn kit that needs to be finished
  • Either sort out the knitted jumper disaster OR have a finished knitted item that is wearable in an adult size
  • Get the Dragon cross stitch done - because it would look gorgeous on our wall
  • Make a large headway with Middle Earth. I don't mind if this one isn't done this time next year as long as it is over half way done.
  • Complete my Child Development course with a decent pass
Hopefully these are realistic enough goals. What are yours?Also am I the only one with half a dozen unfinished projects or is that just part and parcel of being a crafter??


  1. Good luck with all your goals. I'm not too bad for having lots of UFO's. I have 6 stitching projects, 4 could be each done in an evening, one I only started this week so technically a wip and the biggy is my Haed QS Iris, i ought to et goals for that. my downfall is finishing off - such as framing - i've 7 to do. My 2012 intentions are on my blog

  2. I saw UFOs called PHDs, and thought I much prefer that name - it sounds intelligent!

    And anything like that helps me cope eith my embaressing list!

    (projects half done)

  3. Good luck with all your goals!! I'm rooting for you.

  4. You know I love a list and hate UFO'S! I think this is eminently doable (you've seen my list for this year!). Bon chance!


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