Monday, 9 January 2012

Knitted Ski Hat and Cowl

First of all I would like to say Thank You to "The Zen of Making" for featuring me on her Friday Internet Crushes.  I am very honoured.
For reasons unknown our internet has been down this last week, so have been on the missing list, but without the internet to distract me  I actually have some knitting to show you.
The cowl can't be seen too well here, but they are both patterns from Ravelry that I have made in the past week.  The cowl is quite loose, but is wide, so I think it will do the trick under a big coat.  It is knitted from some leftover wool that I have had since I first started trying to knit this time last year, and I still love the deep red colour. The hat is knitted in aran and I used the same red as the cowl to blanket stitch around the side.   This wasn't part of the pattern, but I wanted to add some colour to it and I think it works quite nicely. I am going to change the tips of the "dangly" bits on either side though, possibly to a mix of both wools plaited or something, I'm not sure yet.  I really enjoyed knitting this hat and was very relieved to finally find a decent hat pattern knitted on straight needles. I can't say that I can't knit in the round, it is purely that I haven't attempted to knit in the round.  I've tried to cast on on a pair of circular needles and couldn't figure it out.  
The reason that I have had to knit these is that my Darling Husband has sneakily organised for us to go ski-ing with friends the week of my birthday next month! SQUEEE!!!! 
He had said something about it, but by the time I realised he was seriously organising this it had already been booked.  I do have to say a HUGE thanks to my mother in law though because for both of our birthday presents she is paying for our flights AND she's coming up to look after the kids for the week.  It has been four years since we've been on holiday and I can't wait.
The next thing on my needles is a hat for my hubby!
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