Sunday, 1 January 2012

Handmade Christmas Presents

Happy New Year everyone.
I thought I would kick off the year with some photos of some of the lovely handmade Christmas Presents given and received last week.
The Tardis iPhone case
I've started with this beauty that I made for my brother-in-law. He is a huge Doctor Who fan and I knew that this would be hugely appreciated. You can buy the iPhone4 case covers from amazon here and the pattern was free from The Zen of Making
(It always amazes me how generous people are with their patterns!) I was worried what it would be like to stitch on but it was really easy and I think it looks good. I know that my brother-in-law likes it because I made him open it while on the phone to me so I heard the scream of excitement!
I made another of these covers for my Aunt, but chose a red case and stitched a white tea pot onto it. Unfortunately I completely forgot to get a photo of it though...Doh!!  
My other handmade gift was for my lovely hubby who loves dragons. Again this was a free pattern online at Carolyn's Stitchings. I have a tendency to substitute colours needed for ones I have, but made sure I got all the right colours in for this one and I'm really glad I did because they look gorgeous.  Also there isn't any backstitch needed for this as it has a shaded kind of effect.  My two year old son "helped" me stitch this as I could only do it during the day when my hubby was at work and he was very impressed that I was making a "raaaaarrrrrr" for his Daddy.
Also I have been lucky enough to have received some rather lovely handmade presents aswell.These were all made by my very clever and generous Grandma!Thank You!!
I might have mentioned a few times I love bags....

A knitting needle case which was very much needed!

A very lovely needle and sewing accessory book.

And this very cute pin cushion.
 Then there was this beauty made by my Aunt:
I love to give and receive handmade gifts, so next year I am going to make sure that I am a bit more organized so more of my gifts can be handmade.  Also I am very lucky to have people in my life that can make such lovely gifts as well!

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  1. The gifts you made are very lovely ; w; I especially love the cross-stitched TARDIS =D And that dragon is fabulous

  2. these gifts are fabulous!!! i love how you used one of my patterns. it looks fabulous. i hope you didn't have to change too many colors. first time i've seen one of my patterns used, btw. thank you!!

  3. What a clever Grandma and Auntie, and what a clever YOU! I lovethe idea of the iPhone cover . . . Off to follow the link! Happy new year

  4. I didn't change any of the colours in the end, I bought them in specially for it.
    I really love the iPhone cover too, I think they are a brilliant idea, and I love the fact that it is in enough demand to be able to be manufactured : )

  5. The Tardis iPhone case is so cool! The dragon is quite nice, too- I just saw a photo of it on Carolyn's Stitching. ^^

  6. Thank you. I'm really glad Carolyn liked it aswell : )

  7. The TARDIS looks fantastic! To celebrate, I'm going to feature you in my Friday Internet Crushes post tomorrow. :) Thanks again for the linkback to my pattern.


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