Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Handmade Dog Bed

For quite some time now the hubby has been wanting a nice big beanbag that he can use to sit comfortably near the telly when playing on the xbox etc. Well anything that would be suitable is ridiculously expensive and in the past month we've had Chrimbo and a Fifth birthday. So it's just not on the cards at the moment. Well he had a rare two day weekend last week and found he didn't quite know what to do with a Sunday, so started to search the net for something that he could do/make...and found this
Pillow Chair from Old T-Shirts - CRAFT Video by makemagazine
Well as you can imagine he was a very happy bunny. We didn't have old T-Shirts to spare but we did have spare fabric that wasn't set to be used for anything in particular. So the four of us set out the fabric and cut out the shapes and my gorgeous other half decided he'd have a go with the sewing machine...
I am very impressed! He needed a bit of help with the bobbin but was quite happy once he got going.  Well we stuffed it with an old duvet and old sheets all stripped, but it still wasn't big enough, so we found up old cushions that have been lying around for a while, still not big enough....we filled it with stuffing left in my stash and a bag of "beanbagballs" and it still wasn't big enough to actually sit comfortably on...or so we thought...
Harley the dog had other ideas though. It is just right for him. He's getting quite a big old boy now and his last dog bed got eaten (what can I say he is a very dumb dog). But he has calmed down (a bit) now and is very happy with this. Also this saved us spending a fortune on a dog bed as everything used was just lying around the house unused. 
The plan is to get some proper bean bag filling (enough to actually fill a beanbag) and try to duplicate this but larger at some point. 
All in all though, I thought this was how a Sunday should be spent - making stuff as a family!


  1. A very productive day! Tell that dog to stop growing! ;-)

  2. fab, good job done. well done to hubby for giving it a go too

  3. Oh wow, that looks amazing!! Nice work =) (also your dog is adorable!)

  4. What a great project - and well done on getting himself involved! Just seen the previous post too (sorry, bit behind!) have a fab holiday, but do try not to break anything!!


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