Monday, 1 October 2012


I have 14 days until a three hour exam and so I am slowly freaking out a little bit.  I had my last tutorial on Saturday and according to the study style test, I am not organised, but my mind works randomly....I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows me will not be hugely surprised at this, organisation is not really a skill that I have, let alone a skill that I exceed in.  Although knowing that I am random and being shown ways to utilize that for study was quite interesting.  
So a lot of my time recently has been spent with my nose in a book, however it is a good excuse to buy new stationary (I don't know why but I LOVE stationary).
Also I must share a picture with you.  I don't normally share images of stuff that we have bought, but these shoes that we just bought my little boy are so gorgeous and cool that I have to share.
How adorable are these!!! Anyway. . .back to the books. . . 


  1. Sorry about all the catch up comments! Can you record the things you have to learn, then pay it back while youbare sewing your map?

    I quite understand about stationery, I have a little obsession going in here, I daren't go into the new paperchase that has just opened in Windsor!

  2. Thats alright, I could but I hate the sound of my voice so it would probably put me off more than anything unfortunately. I am getting there slowly. I had a nightmare last week that my pen ran out halfway through the exam so went out and bought several different pens, just in case : )

  3. scurrilous accusation!
    And just remember your exam will be less eventful than mine. You know this'll be amazing. xx

    1. I know -me - Random?!?!?! Who would have thought? It would be like calling me easily distracted....oooh shiny!


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