Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Just a quick post to say Happy Halloween!  
This was the first year that I have carved the pumpkins so I found a template for my daughter and a template for my son, I think they turned out ok...
First I made a Hello Kitty pumpkin for my little girl.
Hello Kitty Pumpkin

Lit up Hello Kitty Pumpkin
Then the second pumpkin was Lightning McQueen from the Disney  Cars films. 
Lightning McQueen Pumpkin

Lit up Lightning McQueen Pumpkin
Needless to say I had two very happy children today.  Actually I had one happy skeleton and one happy witch.


  1. Lightening McQueen still the favourite then, excellent!!!

  2. Always! The quilt is on my "To Do" list but will probably be after Christmas before I get the chance to do it.


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