Monday, 8 October 2012

Finished Cross Stitches

During the move, I unearthed cross stitches that I have completed and left waiting to be framed for far too long, so a couple of these have actually been put up, but first, a reminder of why newspaper alone is not enough to save your glass frames when being moved:
The Pink Piano
I love this little piece and it has been on top of the piano since I framed it last year.  However this was the only breakage, so we didn't do too badly, so unfortunately this has now joined the pile of stuff "To Be Framed".
I do have more Popcorn bears up now though.  I finished this piece ages and ages ago, and I absolutely love it because they are ALL so cute! I put it in an old frame we had and found a lovely space for it on the windowsill by the stairs:
Popcorn Sampler
Popcorn Sampler
I am so glad that I have this up now, it is a piece that makes me smile.
Then this next popcorn bear was found in my daughter's room when we packed up (just the fabric, it hadn't been framed then) so I thought that I would save it:
Popcorn bear with sunflowers
I'm pretty sure this little one was a freebie with a magazine but for the life of me I couldn't find the pattern anywhere! 
I really need to do some less "cutesy" cross stitch....oh well.
8 days and counting to my exam, so I should probably get back to revision, rather than looking at cross stitch....
OR I could cross stitch my revision notes!


  1. So this time next week it will all be over! No cross stitch this week, gorgeous bears or otherwise, next week, as manyas you like!! (love them btw, my eyes are too old to do cross stitch any more!)

    1. No cross stitch this week :( This time next week it will all be over and my next course doesn't start until January so yay!

  2. Not long now honey. You'll get there. Step away from the cross stitch! This are cute, though.


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