Sunday, 21 October 2012

Exam Week

Child Development ( ED209 course at the OU) has been  fascinating, to me anyway, but I am so glad to have a couple of months break before my next module!!!
I am a bit of a freak that actually enjoys writing essays, but really struggle in exams, and two hours into the 3 hour exam on Tuesday my brain just stopped working. I think it went on strike.  However I am very proud of my first essay, and you can tell towards the end that I have lost focus, as the last essay was barely strung together and probably doesn't make much sense to anyone. So I am going to write this piece of advice here partly so that I remember next time I do an exam and also for anyone else sitting exams in the near future.
This way names/studies/information will still be fresh in your head. 
Me looking very stressed before the exam
Anyway, I have a couple of months break so hopefully images like the above won't be a sight in my house until February.  I can take all the mind maps off the wall and hide the books in a dark room.  
Me not stressed out!!
Strangely enough it has been quite nice this week, we have had some nice bright Autumnal days and I think I might deserve to relax a little so I am going to make the most of it while it lasts.

Also now the Exam is done, I will have more crafty posts coming soon! YAY!


  1. Yay. Oldest daughter is the same, and specifically chose a uni course that was mostly essays and only a small amount of exam points. The essay plan tip is a great idea, welcome back to the world of crafting!

    1. Thank you. I won't forget that again, I got to the last question and just wrote down anything that I could recall to do with the topic, yet I know at the beginning of the exam I would have been able to write a plan. Never mind. Is good to be back in the world of crafting!


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