Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Report Writing

I have been interested in Psychology for as long as I can remember, I think people are fascinating.  After doing it at A level my original plan was to do a joint degree in psychology and drama and become a drama-therapist.  However my gorgeous man and gorgeous babies came instead so my plans changed a little. For the better - I would not swap the three of them for a lottery double roll over jackpot! But about a year ago I realised that the plans can still be there, just altered a little. So I decided to do a Psychology degree from home with the OU.  It involved a lot of self control doing this kind of thing at home because you don't have anybody to nudge you in the right direction all of the time or to make sure you are actually reading everything, but I sorely missed 'proper' learning and luckily have enjoyed it.  My last assignment was to do my own study (I will point out that we were given a pretty detailed run down of what this study would be, so to call it my own would be a tad optimistic) but I carried out a bit of my own research which is what I would love to do some day and wrote a report on it as if you were doing it for real.  This daunted me quite a lot - I enjoy writing essays and kind of know what I am doing.  But this was a different kettle of fish altogether so I have been nervously checking for the results and had prepared myself for my lowest mark yet to find that it is quite the opposite and is now the highest mark I have got! 88 !!! Squee! Very happy bunny!

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  1. Well done you! You should be a VERY Happy Bunny.


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