Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm Hooked!

I have often watched the women of my family knitting.  It has had me intrigued for years - how do you make something using only needles and a ball of wool? It just doesn't seem logical. However I am fed up of just watching these beautiful items being made and have decided to try my hand at it. 
For once I am actually going to start with something easy! I started by just practising knit stitch, then trying purl stitch, with varying degrees of success. I have moved on to make a scarf. Just knitting. No Purling or any intentional increasing or decreasing. Simple...Apparently...

My Scarf so far
There is one warning that I will give for anyone who is thinking about taking up knitting.  It is incredibly addictive! Strange but true.

I have also bought some beautiful balls of wool that I found to give me some motivation, ...

The photo does not do the sirdar crofter (the one on the right) justice, it is an absolute stunning mix of colours!
And the most adorable book for gorgeous knitted bears for even more motivation...
First Goal!
I'd better get knitting....

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