Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lightning McQueen fabric!

Look what dropped onto my doormat this week:

Lightning McQueenie!
While I was catching up on the blogosphere I happened to see a post over at SLIKstitches with this picture:
I commented asking Benta where she managed to find Cars fabric and she sent me what she had left!!!! How amazing is she? So Thank You very much.
I haven't decided what I am going to do with them yet, but my little boy (who is obsessed with Cars)  wants to take the fabric to bed to cuddle as it is, which is very sweet.  I am debating finding some coordinating fabric and making a little patchwork quilt for him, but I have to admit I haven't made one before so am a little nervous. So if anyone out there has a pattern and detailed instructions that are idiot proof for a simple patchwork quilt I would be very grateful.


  1. Hmmmm Have you thought about asking Grandma for help with this? She's brilliant at quilts.

  2. Lol, I should have added a condition: that you must use it!

    You should be able to get an 8 inch strip fom each piece (so 8" x 42" (width of fabric appx). Then also get a thin quarter of black, and of tan cotton fabrics, and a half of red. Trim these so you have 4 more 8" strips.

    Sew your ix strips together on the machine, using the same seam allowance for each seam (quilt police say 1/4 inch, but whatever works for you is fine). Put them together in this order: plain red to tan Cars (joining along a long edge) then add the plain black to the tn Cars, next add red, then add the tan, and thn the black Cars fabric (or hat ever order you like). Press the seams, I press them open.

    You now have one piece of fabric about 42" wide x about 43" tall with horizontal stripes. Carefully cut 8" strips at right angles to the seams, so each strip is red/tan/black/red/tan/black or whatever. You should get 5 strips even after cutting of and discarding the selvedge edge.

    Now there is a choice : the proper way - go and buy some wadding, and a piece of fabric about 45 x 42 inches fir the backing.

    Quick and cheap way - go and buy a fleece blanket, I'm sure I've seen Cars ones fir about £7.

    Let me know which one you choose and I'll send you part 2 of the lesson :-)

  3. That is genius - thank you sweetie! You are a star. Will probably chose cheap and easy way, nothing wrong with a bit of cheating. Having said that this method seems a lot easier than alot of other tutorials I have found


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