Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crafty Confidence

Way back in April, after the Easter holidays, I started a confidence course called "Butterflies" which I must admit, I was a bit dubious about it at first, but it was an absolutely amazing course, run by an amazing woman.  Every week as well as working on self esteem etc we did different craft projects.  So I thought I would share my favourites.
Painting by Numbers
 I must admit to choosing this paint by numbers, as I was reading Game of Thrones at the time, so was drawn to the wolfs.  I have never done a painting by numbers before, but I really really enjoyed doing this, and actually have completed a second one of horses for my daughter who started horse riding lessons this year and is obsessed with them.  

Dream Book

The dream book was a really interesting one to do.  Partly because I have never done decoupage before, and partly because it was a lovely thing to do.  It is our own little scrapbook of stuff that we want,want to do or dreams we have.  I really enjoyed doing this and would advice anyone to make their own, because it is nice to remember what you are about and what your dreams are sometimes. This is no way near finished but some of my pages are done:

Travel the world in a VW bus with my gorgeous hubby

Have my own craftroom!!
Follow F1 around the world!!!
Ok, so the last one is a)not finished and b)a tad unlikely.....but a girl can dream.  
Hanging Heart
 I love this heart I did because it is very me!

And then I made this little biscornu for Cheryl who runs the course (the company is called You're Amazing)
Butterfly Biscornu

Butterfly Biscornu
 I have fallen a little bit in love with biscornu's recently, and this was one of the first I have made and am quite happy with how it turned out - They are so sweet!!! 

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