Monday, 30 May 2011

Little Stitches

Thank you Nanny D, G.G and Uncle Keys!
As we have moved to the other side of the country I know that family there are missing us, more accurately, the kids.
A parcel was received this week, with a few little pressies for the kids from their Nanny D, G.G (A.K.A - Grumpy Grandad) and Uncle Keys. 
This was on of the items sent:
We made the cow this afternoon when my little man went down for a nap.  These photos speak for themselves, however I would just like to say that I am so glad to have a daughter that will happily sit down and learn to sew and already has such a creative side : )



  1. awww bless her glad biscuit bum enjoyed her self give em a big hug n kiss from me :)

  2. aww bless her heart im glad she enjoyed it ... will keep my eyes opened for more for my little sweetheart

  3. oh just too cute for words x

  4. She absolutely loved doing this!


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