Saturday, 7 May 2011

Book Review: Cath Kidston Sew!

I finally have finished an object to show! I dusted off my sewing machine for the first time since the move last night to make a bag from the free kit included in the Cath Kidston Sew! book, see photos below.
Bag back
Bag Front
For anyone who doesn't know me - I love bags! With a passion! And after sewing cushions, a simple tote bag was my first project. I like this bag because it has a little more shape to it.  This isn't necessarily the material I would have normally used, but it came with the book that had the pattern.
The pieces for this bag came already cut out, so happily all I had to do was sew them all together. Happy Days. 
The one thing that I changed is that the bag in the book has button holes on the straps so that you can adjust them, but I don't really like those anyway - personal preference - so I just found the right length for me and stitched the handle straight on.
I do like this book, it has a good layout and basic instructions to all techniques needed at the beginning, but I do think that some of the projects are a little odd...
Some projects are quite simple, whereas some involve a little more skill.

My biggest issue to be honest with most of the pictures is that a lot of the materials just clash, but this is something that you can change, as obviously you don't have to use the fabric choice used in the book. 
All the pattern pieces are included as well, so you can make all of the projects without having to draw your own. All in all, a nice book with some good projects.


  1. Well done. This is lovely. You're making great progress. Yay!


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