Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

Still no craft done yet however we have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend.
Friday my daughter and I sat down and watched The Wedding. She was completely in awe of the "pretty lady being turned into a princess" and it took some convincing to make her believe that we weren't pulling her leg and that it wasn't a new Disney film, but actually real.
Saturday, after playing with the cousins we all went for a drive, wandered round Hobbycraft and generally chilled.
Sunday brought our first trip to the Lake District, which is absolutely stunning! My husband found this gorgeous railway (lakesiderailway) that runs steam trains to Windermere, where you can go round the Aquarium, have a picnic and then another ride back.  Although this is only actually about an hour and a half away, we also took the back roads and just enjoyed the view!
Our Train

Lake Windermere

An Otter at the Aquarium running away from my two terrors!
Views from the train

To finish off our bank holiday weekend, we went to Astley Park, met up with my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and Grandma and enjoyed the fresh air and fed the ducks.
Flowers at Astley

Some of the ducks were happy to see us

Others were too damn tired

Astley Park

Astley Park

After such a lovely weekend, I want to thank Kate and Wills for giving us the extra day off so we can all relax a lil bit!

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