Sunday, 7 August 2011

Knitted Teddies...

Knitted teddies made by Ma-in-law ...
Yesterday she missed a family wedding in Great Yarmouth due to being here to help me, but she helped my kids make an extra special present to send down.
They knitted and sewed to create these beauties:

The Bride and Groom

Handsome Groom

Blushing Bride

Showing off her garter 

Nanny Daphodill(MIL) found my Knitted Teddy Book while I was in hospital and hasn't stopped since. After finishing off the bride and groom she set to work on two for my little monsters...

Hand in Hand

Emillie the sweetiepie teddy

J the cool dude teddy
Needless to say these have been much appreciated and now must be taken everywhere - Thank You Nanny Daphodill!


  1. Good to see the bride has pants! ;-)

  2. im having so much fun xxxx love nanna daphodill xxxx

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