Wednesday, 24 August 2011

'Easy Knit' Chunky Duffel Coat

I am completely and utterly proud of myself with this one, and that is a rare occurrence let me tell you.  (I am my own worst enemy) 
This gorgeous pattern was so easy to knit that it almost knit itself.  As I am still new to knitting I have found the "easy knit" button on Sirdar patterns extremely useful as I know it should be something I can achieve without pulling my hair out.

This is the first chunky that I have knitted and am amazed at how quickly it came together. This is entirely knit in garter stitch which makes it an ideal first time project.  I was a bit confused at the hood but that was a case of not having seen those instructions before rather than it being difficult to do.

And Bonus there was enough wool left over for the slightly more advanced Nanny Daphodill to knit this beauty

Which was a free download at Ravelry
And there is still more left! Happy Days!


  1. How cool a dude is he! He's lucky to have such a clever Mummy and Nana.

  2. Thank you - he looks gorgeous in both of them - the colour completely suits him!


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