Tuesday, 12 July 2011

North Country Quilting

On Saturday 2nd July I went along with my Aunt and Grandma for the start of a two day course on North Country Quilting. I have no previous quilting experience at all, however it is something that I definitely want to start.
So after lots of tea and cake and a lot of changing my mind and driving everyone crazy I have my first ever quilt design.

It is quite hard to make out the pattern because I chose a darker colour material, (just to be different :D I'm pretty sure these are normally on beige/cream colours but I'm just not a beige kinda girl).
But I am finally quite happy with it.  This weekend we will finish the course and learn how to put it all together and start actually sewing :D I will keep you all updated on how this goes, but I get the feeling this will be just about ready for the winter.

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  1. Only "quite" happy with it????? There's no pleasing some folk!


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