Tuesday, 19 July 2011

North Country Quilting Part 2

This Saturday was the second day of our North Country Quilting course.  After finishing our homework of designing our quilt tops we were to put the layers together and learn the quilting stitch used to sew our designs through all three layers.  
Image courtesy of http://pendlestitches.wordpress.com/
The really lovely thing about this session was how we worked together.  We worked one quilt at a time, layering the bottom fabric, wadding and top fabric, ensuring that all layers were smooth and flat and then working from the centre we all took a corner to tack.  This also meant that we all got to have a look at what each other had designed. Interestingly although we all were given similar ideas and all had the same guidance we had all created something completely different to each other.
After a lovely picnic lunch we learnt what can only be described as the "rocking" stitch.  I must admit that I'm not entirely sure that I have this right, but with practice my stitches are becoming smaller and more even, so hopefully I am doing something right.
My Centrepiece so far 
Thank You very much to my wonderful Grandma who booked this course for me as a "Welcome to the North" gift!

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