Friday, 8 April 2011

Le Piano Rose

Although I have been adapting to new (knitting) needles for the past few months, I haven't forgotten my old needle.  For a long time now I have wanted something that I have done to go atop my piano. Whilst flicking through a book that my aunt got me I found the perfect thing.
Although obviously you do not have to stitch this in pink, the colour that comes with the book is just gorgeous and just a little bit unusual.
My pink piano
I just need to find a nice frame for this, tidy the top of my piano and then there will be photos!

In the meantime I thought I would share the beautiful book I got this from with you in my first attempt at a book review which is French and simply named rose .
You will have to excuse the dodgy photography, but this book is just gorgeous.  It came with two colours of pink thread and a small swatch of aida, for your first project.  The beauty with this book is that it has adorable cross stitch, but also very stylish French embroidery.  The language gap is not a problem as long as you have previous knowledge of how to use a sewing pattern.  This also has some lovely ideas of what to do with your sewing once done, for example some of the embroidery is photographed on plain white napkins, table cloths and towels instead of just being photographed in a frame.  I like this as it gives the reader ideas and is more interesting than some pattern books.  
As a cross-stitcher at heart rather than an embroiderer I am naturally drawn to the cross stitch motifs which are adorable, however I have given one of the embroideries as a gift to someone and enjoyed the embroidery just as much as the cross stitch.
 The whole book is extremely charming with a very stylish and chic feel.  Also a lot of these are actually relatively easy, there is nothing extremely difficult in here, just simple and effective.


  1. Very pretty. Looks like there are some lovely projects in the book

  2. thank you : ) it is a lovely book!


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