Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Back to Business as Normal....

We are mostly unpacked now!Whoop!
I unpacked my boxes of craft yesterday and tried to find places for everything, easier said than done.  However, it was quite nice to open up all my boxes of wool and needles, cross stitches, in all stages of completion, I have many finished, just waiting for something to be done with them, some that are almost done, halfway done and plenty of lovely kits to be started and a HUGE pile of cross stitch books : ) Needless to say, this had me entertained for quite a while...  My sewing machine is safely out of little hands way, and my big bag of fabrics and bits and pieces are in my wardrobe(I am running out of storage space!), then my paints and paper crafts are all put away nicely as well.
Sooo, in the evenings I have found time to do a tad of knitting, and have started to put together what I have done so far of my learning blanket.

Slowly coming together, obviously there is a lot more knitting to be done, but not a bad start.

And last but definitely not least - after being bugged for weeks by my little girl....
 ...I got her some children's knitting needles so that she can knit with Mummy!

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