Sunday, 30 January 2011

Space Invaders Sampler - A Joint Project

After years of watching me cross stitch my way through life (I carry a cross stitch with me in my handbag, and will quite happily stitch almost anywhere!) my hubby finally decided last year that actually it looked quite simple and that he could have a go.  But he didn't fancy doing any from my stash of kits. I could understand this, most of my stash is mainly Popcorn or stuff for the kids.  
  Luckily out on the internet, there are some very clever people who have combined crafts of all sorts to fit with their own interests.  Cue my hubby finding Spritestich, a games themed craft blog and a brilliant pattern that has eventually turned into this piece of stitchery.
H.G.Wells and some Space Invaders
 The hubby stitched 3/4 of the border himself last summer, but got to the bottom right hand corner and made a mistake, which meant unpicking, put it down and the poor thing hasn't been seen since.

I was supposed to be studying today, so naturally I found this and finished it for him.

I just need to run an iron over it and find a frame and it is going to go pride of place...above the computer!

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