Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First finished knit!

I have been trying to learn to knit...
And with a bit of help from my Aunt I have an actual item of clothing!


What it was supposed to look like

Beautiful wool that I bought on sale - it's not to everyone's taste but is perfect for my daughter!

Finished cardigan!

"its nice and cosy mummy!"

I am actually quite proud of myself, it's far from perfect but it was my first go and it is wearable.  It could do with a little bit more length but the most important thing is that my daughter loves it and thinks that I'm a magic mummy for turning the wool into a cardigan - what more can you ask for???


  1. Magic mummies rule!
    This is lovely and a rather excellent first garment. You should be very pleased.

  2. Thank you - wouldn't have finished it without your help though xxx


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